2016 Global Vendors Highlights

Visiting the SB International Orchid Show is truly an exotic experience. With expert hobbyist growers, commercial nurseries, regional orchid societies and international growers from Ecuador, Brazil, Thailand, and Columbia bringing their most unique and largest orchids and presenting them in beautiful (and often wild) exhibits, it is like going to a faraway land.

For beginners and serious collectors, many of these same growers will have plants for sale in the adjoining Vendor Hall. You can bring them home without having to go through customs!”


– Ecuagenera


Email: info@ecuagenera.com

Ecuagenera returns to the 71st Annual SB Intl. Orchid Show with their fascinating species from South America. The founder, Father Angel Andreetta began the research process, selection and collection of some species of orchids, and became the pioneer of this activity in the region.

– Mundiflora Farm


Email: info@mundiflora.com

Mundiflora Farm are from Ecaudor and are new to this year’s Show. Ecaudor is a wild and diverse country, in which 4000 native orchids species thrive. Mundiflora will be showcasing some of these exotic species at the SB Intl. Orchid Show.


– Floralia 


Email: info@floralia.com.br

Floralia are a third generation orchid nursery in Brazil. They return to the SB Intl. Orchid Show with a lot of Brazilian cattleya species that do very well in coastal California. Floralia sells, among other things, a number of high quality and interesting Cattleya species native to Brazil, like Cattleya harrisoniae or Cattleya intermedia.


– Orquideas Katia


Email – orquideaskatia@gmail.com

Gustavo Aguirre from Orquideas Katia returns to the SB Intl. Orchid Show for the second time with his exotic orchids from Colombia.


– Phrao Orchids Nursery


Email – phraoorchidsnursery@gmail.com

Phrao returns to the SB Intl. Orchid Show and will be showcasing her Paphopedilum godefroyae species from Thailand.


– Seed Engei


Email – seed_engei@yahoo.com

Seed Engei is from Japan and sells Neofinitia falcata and other plants that are historically popular in Japan and grow very well in Coastal California.


– Ten Shin Gardens


Email – info@tenshinorchids.com

Ten Shin Gardens is from Taiwan and will be showcasing some unusual orchids, like Habenaria medusa from South East Asia.

– Water Orchids


Email – waterorchids@gmail.com

Water Orchids are also from Taiwan and will be showcasing a wide selection of their Phalaenopsis, Cattleya Oncidium, Chinese Cymbidiums, Dendrobium’s and Paphiopedilum’s.