• Judging

Award Judging will be conducted by separate judging teams of the Cymbidium Society of America, Inc. and American Orchid Society, each in accordance with the rules of that judging system. The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show judging chair will appoint one Cymbidium Society of America, Inc. judge and one American Orchid Society judge as sub-chairs for judging of the show.

  1. A special team of experienced Display Judges will be appointed by the Show Manager.
  2. An AOS certified judge will lead a separate team of Ribbon Judges.
  3. Show Champions and Best of Show will not necessarily be based upon highest point scores.
  4. Judges shall disqualify themselves from judging a plant, flower or exhibit if their impartiality can be questioned.
  5. Judges may withhold awards on entries not up to proper standard or quality or not otherwise meeting entry requirements, and may recommend special awards.
  6. Improperly entered plants/exhibits may be either reclassified or disqualified at the discretion of the judges.

2017 SBIOS Exhibitor Guide

Everything you need to know about the show rules, judging, trophies, and cash prizes!